Mike Nemeth, BSc, MSc, P.Ag, EP

Mike Nemeth is an Environmental Specialist at Alberta WaterSMART. He supports and manages a variety of projects related to the sustainable development and management of natural resources, water use, and environmental concerns in Alberta. Mike began building his water resources experience as a Water Resource Modeller and Strategist with the University of Lethbridge, Project Data Coordinator with the Alberta Water Research Institute, and a Reclamation Research Assistant with Syncrude Canada Ltd. Mike received his Bachelor of Science with Distinction in Environmental Science and his Master of Science in Physical Geography, with a concentration in Hydrology from the University of Lethbridge. His thesis project involved hydrological modelling and verification of a physically based model, GIS and spatial analysis of hydrometeorological data and Global Climate Model regional downscaling to study the impacts of climate changes on water resources.

Mike is registered as a Professional Agrologist (P.Ag.) in the practice areas of Water Resources Planning and Management, and Environmental Impact Assessment and Mitigation Planning. He is also registered as an Environmental Professional (EP) with the ECO Canada Certification Program. His background includes hydrology, watershed and water resource management, climate change impacts and adaptation, hydrological modelling, reviews of water monitoring activities and policies around oil sands and shale gas development, policy support, and project management. Mike currently sits on the Calgary Chamber of Commerce Environment and Natural Resources Committee.

Mike’s interests lie in sustainable development and management of natural resources through informed collaborative decision making, impacts of environmental and climatic change on water resources and hydrological processes, and watershed management. He provides decision and policy support for government, municipalities, and various industry sectors through collaborative processes. Mike excels at framing decisions in a regional context or watershed scale to better support planning and policy for sustainable resource development throughout Alberta.