Megan Van Ham, BComm

Megan joined WaterSMART in Spring 2010 and her background is in strategic management consulting. Following her Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Calgary, she joined the Toronto office of The Boston Consulting Group. With BCG, Megan worked in a wide array of industries including mining & forestry, retail & e-commerce, auto manufacturing and distribution, and appliance manufacturing and marketing, in North America as well as Asia and Europe. Following BCG, Megan joined the Strategy group at TELUS Communications, and then went on to be General Manager for a family owned and operated gourmet ice cream company.

Megan is a valuable project manager and facilitator for several projects. Her strengths in strategy, project management, execution and facilitation compliment the water experts resident at WaterSMART. Megan’s primary focus has been river management in Southern Alberta, beginning with the collaborative Bow River Project in 2010 that worked with the license holders in the Bow Basin to model the river system and explore opportunities to balance its diverse social, economic and environmental needs. Megan continued her role in that work through the 2011 Bow River Simulation and now as part of the 2012 – 2014 SSRB Adaptation Project. Thanks to additional funding from AI-EES, further work from 2013-2016 will drive collaborative, model based exploration of opportunities across all sub-basins in the South Saskatchewan River Basin and begin to explore how land cover and streamflow models can be aligned to support more comprehensive efforts. The devastating floods in Spring 2013 brought renewed attention to water management throughout Southern Alberta. Megan has been actively involved with the water community to consider flood mitigation opportunities while maintaining the sound water management principles required for the long term health of our watersheds.

Megan also spends time working on the water challenges facing the oil sands industry in the North of our Province. Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) is accelerating the pace of improvement in environmental performance in Canada's oil sands, including a focus on Water. Megan supports and facilitates the Water EPA’s Design and Operational Environmental Performance project created to enable and encourage the sharing of water treatment knowledge and experience across and within the member companies.

Megan is a keen traveller, camper and hiker. Many of her fondest memories involve water: remote beaches, cool mountain streams, clinking ice cubes, night sounds in the rainforest, and stunning waterfalls all drive Megan’s passion for water and her need to see it protected for future generations.