Kristy Dixon, MProjMgt, BA Communications

Kristy joined the WaterSMART team in Fall 2015 as Communications Specialist. She is a highly skilled professional with more than twelve years experience across communications roles in government, non-profit, and the private industry. Possessing a unique blend of project management and creative communications Kristy brings a key planning and analytical perspective, to drive and measure new and existing strategies in a timely way, on budget, and to the highest quality. Supporting these parallel strengths is her Masters in Applied Project Management (University of Adelaide) and Bachelor of Arts majoring in Communications & Professional Writing (University of South Australia).

Kristy’s experience includes leading public water conservation campaigns in the worst drought in history in Australia, managing high profile communications for major water infrastructure and recycling projects, and media relations for a government-owned utility. She has led internal communications for an operating arm of one of Australia’s largest banks and most recently gained experience with start-ups through her role as Communications Director with a social enterprise distributing solar in Nepal.

She is passionate about sharing stories, knowledge, and enabling continuous feedback and collaboration through technology. Her budding interests in complex systems and asking “What if? Why not?” reflect her belief there is a better future to create by testing and sharing new approaches to manage the world’s most precious resource.

Moving to Calgary (via Los Angeles and Adelaide before that) Kristy is genuinely giddy to live so close to the Rockies, where her enthusiasm for mountains, ice, and snow is deeply complemented by the fulfilling work of Alberta WaterSMART.