Alberta WaterSMART specializes in working with clients and partners to identify and resolve water related issues, as well as scope and realize opportunities. Also, where possible, we share findings and practices to further enhance water management practices throughout Alberta.

Alberta WaterSMART is one of Alberta’s leading companies in water management due to our unique skill sets, expertise in diverse areas, ability to address issues that affect Alberta’s water, proven collaboration and facilitation strategies, as well as a commitment to sharing knowledge.

What we do

With our partners and clients, WaterSMART identifies opportunities and innovative solutions to work toward a vision of improved water management in Alberta. Our strong background in strategy development and water projects enables us to collaborate with community based organizations, municipalities, governments, corporations, technical working groups, and many other water-related organizations. We strongly believe in the value of collaboration and engagement by bringing diverse individuals and organizations together to work toward a common goal and accommodate multiple interests. This approach is supported by our knowledge of people and resources in all aspects of water management as well as strong skills in project execution. WaterSMART has extensive experience working with environmental policies and regulations at both the provincial and national level. We have strong skills in technical writing and communication to ensure that knowledge is shared clearly and appropriately to increase the overall level of water knowledge throughout Alberta.

Where we work

Alberta WaterSMART is focused in Alberta where we have a number of water challenges. In our experience, our clients benefit from levering our domain knowledge of local people, watersheds and issues. Watersheds that extend beyond Alberta are also of interest. Best practices and systems that we develop in our Province can be shared with other jurisdictions, through joint projects or other arrangements.

How we work

Alberta WaterSMART pursues collaborative projects that combine strong skill sets in strategy development, water technology, engineering, consultation, watershed management, modelling, research, project delivery, and communication to focus on specific project issues and deliverables. We have the skills and experience to work from high level strategy through to detailed implementation planning. Our structure is flexible to accommodate projects of various sizes, as well as long term advisory services. In either case, we develop projects to the point of appropriate transition. WaterSMART’s focus areas are in oil sands, river management, flood and drought management, water reuse (including agriculture), irrigation, hydraulic fracturing, shale hydrocarbons, and cooperative stormwater management.

Why we pursue this work

The Alberta WaterSMART team is strongly committed to the mission of the company to improve water management through better practices and technologies. Alberta WaterSMART is a financially successful business and chooses to make investments in new ideas that lead to significant improvements in water management, for the benefit of the watershed and all Albertans. A passion for water and motivation to protect this precious resource distinguishes everyone involved with Alberta WaterSMART. This is our strength now and for the future.