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Experience / meet the team

The team at Alberta WaterSMART is one of the most passionate, experienced and knowledgeable in their field. We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions to complex water management issues in the province of Alberta.

Expertise / what we do

Alberta WaterSMART has a successful track record of providing innovative water management solutions for key industries in the province. River management, oil sands, water reuse, adaptation, and best practice are a few areas Alberta WaterSMART specializes in.

About Us / our story

Alberta WaterSMART is a Calgary based fee for service company committed to improving water management in Alberta. Identifying key issues in water management, bringing together the right people to solve the issues and providing the solutions make us a leader in the field.

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Alberta WaterPortal

The Alberta WaterPortal is a non profit organization educating and increasing Albertans' understanding of water and its importance by conducting research, sharing findings, and providing news and social media services.

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